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3 min readJun 7, 2022

4 Things You MUST Consider When Choosing a Short Stay Apartment

When hunting for an apartment, you want to make sure your next home away from home is as close to perfect as possible. Whether you are house-hunting for an apartment for the first time or your last, finding the perfect apartment that fits both your lifestyle and budget isn’t going to be easy.

There are many reasons to want to use a short stay apartment. It could be for leisure, for business purposes or you might just be looking for a change of scenery.

In any case, you’ll be looking for an apartment that gives you the best possible experience during your stay. But with so many variables to consider, how can you tell what the “perfect” apartment looks like? Here are four top things on our list to consider when choosing your next short let apartment:

Location: The first thing to consider is location because it has a major impact on your life in many different ways. For starters, your apartment should be close to the things that are important to you such as the office, meeting location, school, restaurants, shopping complex, beaches, nightlife, and more.

Smart features: Your short stay home should also have at least some smart home features in place. For example, you might have a smart lock on the front door, allowing you to enter the apartment remotely and grant access to the people you choose. You could also have a smart thermostat or smart lights, and curtains, which can be controlled remotely for your convenience.

Outdoor space and Indoor activities: Not all apartments offer outdoor space or amenities for their guests, but you should look for apartments that give you access to a balcony, a private backyard to get some fresh air when the weather’s nice, a swimming pool, inbuilt cinema, snooker board, and other features.

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Modern Appliances: Consider getting an apartment that is fully furnished with a handful of modern kitchen appliances to make your life easier, such as an automated gas cooker with a smoke extractor, an oven, a refrigerator, a washer, dryer, and more. Modern appliances are easier to use, they’re safer, they’re more reliable, and they even use less energy. They’re also cleaner and they offer a sleeker design, beautifying your space.

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Now that you know these apartment hunting tips, you should feel confident to start your search for a new apartment without any hesitation.

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