4 Tips on Where to go and What to do When Next You’re in Lagos

4 tips on where to go and what to do when next you’re in Lagos — www.thedoubleh.co

Lagos will always have a place in our hearts, and for good reason. Tagged the city that never sleeps, Lagos is the city that gives nightlife and fun times a whole new meaning. There are so many things to do here it’s hard to choose. So if you’re looking for weekend activities or even just a night out in town, you’ll surely find something that tickles your fancy. Take it from us. We are here for the good times and live for the adventure, and Lagos always keeps her word.

If you’re visiting Lagos this weekend, here are some tips on where to go and what to do.

Let the child in you run wild at the arcades!

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One place we missed during the nationwide lockdown was the arcades. So we’re super excited that they’re opening back up, with all the health guidelines in place, of course. Who doesn’t love bright lights, the familiar game sounds, and the classic video games that you can never find anywhere else?

The arcades in Lagos have got them all. It’s a great place to let the inner child in you go wild and take a trip down memory lane to enjoy some of the retro games that are slowly going extinct. Like pinball games, Pacman, racing games, bowling, dance games, virtual reality games, haunted houses, and much more. Catch them next time you’re in Lagos. And the best part is they’re fun for all ages! So if you’re planning a group or family visit, it’s something that everyone can enjoy together.

Beautiful music, beautiful people, beautiful times

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One place that Lagos is never short of is lounge areas. And not to brag, but the city has some of the best spots in the world. From clubs to fine dining to bars and silent discos. You’re sure to have your fill of loud music, happy people swaying from left to right. In the heart of Lagos Island, you’ll find some of the best spots where you can order a bottle of your favourite drink, kick back and listen to the DJ do his thing. And if you’re a fan of live music, there’s more of that too.

Sweet melodies and familiar songs sung by beautiful voices will have you feeling like you’re at a concert in Madison Square Garden. Many of them also offer karaoke nights, and you can sing your heart out with fellow Lagosians. We’re never short of lounge areas in Lagos. With COVID guidelines in place and social distancing, the lounges are opening back up, and it’s something to look forward to next time you visit.

Miami beaches have got nothing on Lagos beach resorts

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If you’ve visited Lagos and you didn’t feel the white sands in between your toes and the cool ocean breeze on your face, were you really in our city? When we want to kick back on the weekends, the beach is our go-to spot.

You can take a boat across to the luxury beaches, or you can choose from the popular beaches within the city. Whichever one you visit, you’re sure to have a swell time. There are Joy rides, horse rides, kayaking, skiing, and many other activities available on the beach. And what did we say about lounge areas? You can find them anywhere in Lagos. Some of the best ones are on the beach!

So catch the sunset by the shores of the beach when next you visit. It’s always a spectacular golden view that cannot be equated to anything you’ve seen. Thank us later.

Animals need love too, find them at the Nature Reserves

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Ever heard of the longest suspended canopy walkway in Africa? If you’re wondering, yes, it’s in Lagos. Towering up to 22 feet off the ground, we bet you can see the whole world from up there! If you’re an adventure seeker, you’ll find the nature reserve in Lagos fun, exciting, and has the right amount of adrenaline!

In the words of one of our guests who visited, “it felt like paradise”. You can take intimate or lone walks in the park, see the wildlife and enjoy the beauty of nature. Our advice, take lots of pictures. You’d have so many moments you would love to document and remember. You’d also find a whole family of animals that you can bond with. Keep your eyes open for the monkeys. We heard they’re super playful around tourists.

Lagos is not just where you visit, it’s a place you experience. Wondering if you can fit all of these activities into one weekend? We can assure you that you can. If you’re staying at The Double H, you’ll find that our luxury homes are within reach of all the best spots in the city.

Our apartments are spacious, exquisitely furnished, and feature automated 2-bedroom suites, a built-in private cinema, a contemporary kitchen, and a stylish lounge area. Our chauffeur is also available to drive you around the city in comfort and style.

And if you don’t want to go to the arcade, you can play games in your apartment. We’ve added a Playstation 5 to all our homes and included pool tables, board games, and other house games. You can also catch the sunset right on your walk-out balcony and enjoy the best meals in the world in the comfort of your suite — courtesy of our world-class chefs.

Whether you’re coming into Lagos for the weekend or simply looking for the perfect getaway spot, The Double H is committed to adding meaningful moments to your stay.

To know more about our apartments, check out our virtual tour videos on our Instagram page @thedoublehexperience. And to book a stay with us, visit www.thedoubleh.co or call 09075620497 to check availability.

We can’t wait to see you.




Take staycations to a whole new level in our automated 2-bedroom luxury suites which come with a built-in cinema and a private chef.

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Take staycations to a whole new level in our automated 2-bedroom luxury suites which come with a built-in cinema and a private chef.

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