A Special Place for A Special Date

A special place for a special date — www.thedoubleh.co

When Alex left home that Monday morning, he had no idea where they were going to go or what they were going to do on their anniversary. He had forgotten anyway like most anniversaries and birthdays. It took his wife to remind him. It was going to be their fifth wedding anniversary.

This time he acted as if he remembered and gushed to Tomiwa that he had everything planned out. He told her he actually planned to surprise her by pretending he didn’t remember. Now, he had two weeks to actually put something exquisite together.

He had to!

He saw how his wife’s face lit up when he told her about the surprise he had planned for both of them. The kids would be at grandma’s for the weekend.

During lunch break, Alex confessed his misery to Ben, his buddy.

‘She had such a bright smile on her face when I told her this morning. I’ll do everything to see that huge smile again on that day. I need to plan something really good’, Alex concluded.

Ben cracked his knuckles and cleared his throat.

‘My friend’, he began. ‘I have the perfect solution to your problem, but you need to pay me, handsomely’.

‘Guy’! Said Alex, with a look of pity on his face.

Ben had a smirk of satisfaction on his face. ‘Just look at how helpless you are. I’ll help you. Have you heard of The Double H?’

Alex shook his head.

‘That’s where you should take her. You’ll thank me when you’re back. It’s a home away from home. The perfect nesting place for two lovers who can’t get enough of each other’. He punched Alex playfully in the shoulder.

‘They’ll take good care of you: there are chauffeurs to take you around town, private chefs, spa treats, and even a private cinema. Not to mention round-the-clock security, the internet, and a beautiful serene environment. The comfort and the luxury will wow you.’

Relax my friend, let’s get back to work, your wife will fall in love with you all over again at The Double H.’

Valentine’s day weekend getaway — www.thedoubleh.co

Are you like Alex and need to wow your partner on a special date especially now that Valentine’s day is around the corner? Fret no more. Book a Double H apartment and let’s do the rest. We’ve got sweet offers lined up for you lovebirds. From free breakfast, to complimentary couple’s massage and discounts on bookings, we;re going all out this season of love. Hurry now and make your reservation at www.thedoubleh.co or call +2349075620497.

We can’t wait to see you!




Take staycations to a whole new level in our automated 2-bedroom luxury suites which come with a built-in cinema and a private chef.

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Double H

Double H

Take staycations to a whole new level in our automated 2-bedroom luxury suites which come with a built-in cinema and a private chef.

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