A Toast to Forever That Made us Teary!

Double H
3 min readApr 14, 2022


A toast to love, laughter, and happiness ever after!

Who doesn’t love, love, or the sound of a wedding bell? But this isn’t just any love story; It’s Ade and Muna’s. Once high school sweethearts. They have been together for years and have a lifetime of memories, and when they were ready to tie the knot, Ade wanted it to be just how they’ve always dreamed about it!

So it was a tough task for Ade to throw his bride-to-be off the scent on the day he wanted to pop the big question. So he had to really think outside the box and get very sneaky in the name of love.

It all happened on a Friday, the same day as Muna’s birthday. Ade sent her flowers to the office and enclosed a written note that ends with our ‘Forever begins soon’. This made Muna very suspicious!

Ade picked her up after work and they went to a quiet garden nearby. While they were walking in the gardens, Ade called Muna, and there was Ade down on one knee holding this little box.

Could this be it, you may ask? Muna was speechless, but before she could utter a word, a look of panic spread across Ade’s face, he was saying “oh no, I’ve ruined it, oh no!”

‘Ade had forgotten the ring’! Nothing was in the box he was holding. Ade hurriedly got up and took her back to the car. He was so upset, and Muna tried to calm him down, at least, what matters is that they want to get married.

‘The twist’! Instead of driving back to their apartment, Ade sped off and drove Muna to a different place! He had it all planned with his friends and family…

They got to this apartment, it was locked with a code. Ade typed in the code, but Muna was still in shock that she had not been to that place with Ade ever. He opened the door, and the lights came on, with candles lined up, red petals all littered on the floor. To set the mood, Ade asked Siri to play, A thousand years by Christina Perri, because the apartment is automated with a voice-activated system that allows guests request songs from the built-in speakers for premium enjoyment!

Muna was mesmerized, she stood still! She was truly, utterly surprised. Ade had faked forgetting the ring so he could get a genuine, surprised reaction from her.

Just before he finally went on his knee, their friends and family started walking out from the rooms in that Luxury 2 bedroom apartment with inbuilt private cinema. They were screaming and they were so happy and then, Ade went on his Knee, brought the ring and popped the question.

Now comes the tears! Ade stood there and I cried like a baby! Of course, she said ‘yes’!

After their friends and family left, Ade and Muna went to the Cinema and sealed the night with a romantic movie! So beautiful right?

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