Are You Staying?

There’s a new Covid-19 variant and it’s already upsetting international travel with countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and Saudi Arabia banning travelers from Nigeria and a few other African countries.

If you had made plans for a white Christmas in Europe or the Americas, we understand how hard the blow must be to your vacation plans but you don’t have to worry. What’s that they say again about lemons and lemonade?

A staycation. That’s what we’re recommending. If you’ve never had one, then this is the best time for you to get a staycation. Staycation, a portmanteau of stay and vacation, is simply having a vacation close to home.

One of the advantages of a staycation is that you can have fun on a small budget. You also have fun without the hassle of getting on and off planes. Although you don’t get to see those beautiful sights you’ve been dreaming of all through the year, you could still be pleasantly surprised.

We’re inviting you to stay a few days in any of our short stay apartments: Izu, Sunny, The Clarita, The Agnes, and The Patience.

Book a stay at or call +2349075620497 and we promise it’s going to be the best staycation ever!



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