Features That Make the Double H Homes Special

Over a month ago, we launched two apartments at the Eko Atlantic city. This was accompanied by an open-house invitation for guests to come in and take a look at the smart features of the homes, and learn about what makes Double H special.

One of the features that stand out is the fully functional smart systems. When you open the doors to the Double H, you’re welcomed by the computerized voice-activated system, which enables you to request songs from the in-built speakers and have a good time.

The smart systems take you on a tour through the various areas of the apartments, from the living room to the private cinema and bedrooms.

The Double H apartments also feature a private cinema where guests can go to catch up on their favorite shows and movies.

At the Double H, you’ll find that there’s a modern, fully-fitted kitchen space, a dining and living room that sits comfortable furnishings, a master bedroom with all the plush beddings you can ever dream of, with so much space, you’ll almost forget to get out of bed. Let’s not forget the balcony that oversees the Atlantic ocean and fine views of the city of Lagos.

For a relaxing time, you have the option to request the services of a spa and professional masseuse and a private chef to prepare meals of your choice.

These are some of the perks of staying at our Eko Atlantic homes. But instead of boring you with all the technicalities, here are some images of the unique activities and services you must take advantage of when you stay.


To learn more about The Double H or make a reservation, visit www.thedoubleh.co or call 09075620497.

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