Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter Indoors

Spring is here, and we’re just a week away from the Easter celebration! It’s another season to bust the efforts for menu planning, fun activities, and gift baskets!

This season, if you plan to stay indoors with your family and loved ones, we’ve got amazing ways to help you celebrate without ever leaving the house. Whether you’re looking for fun, relaxation, or new ideas for indoor Easter activities, you’re sure to find some wonderful ways to fill your day with fun at our apartments.

Looking to create more memories and bond with your loved ones? You can watch some traditional Easter movies or comedy movies while sharing some boxes of popcorn and laughing the moment away. The good thing is, if you book a stay at the Double H apartments, you and your loved ones would enjoy any movie of your choice in our beautifully lit in-built private cinema.

If Easter baskets are part of your family’s Easter tradition, don’t worry, we already thought about you! We’ve curated a special Easter Egg-Hunt game for you and your loved ones. So, if you book a stay at the apartment, you can have fun with your family by playing the game to find the hidden goodies in the apartment, and boom…they are all yours!

Of course, your Easter celebration isn’t complete without a proper signature meal to treat yourself, and your family. With our chefs on standby, be sure to have the best meal you desire.

As you can see, there are tons of awesome ways to have a fabulous time celebrating Easter indoors, especially at the Double H apartments.

To spice up this season for you, we have amazing discounts and giveaways for you this Easter.

From the 1st of May to the 20th of May, 2022, if you book a stay at any of our apartments, you get to enjoy a 5% discount on 5-day bookings.

Also, we will be having a giveaway for you our reader. Just follow us on Instagram and turn on your post notifications to get all the details when it goes live, to also participate on social media and win amazing prizes.

Throughout this season, whenever you book a stay with us, there will be just a little something waiting for you!

Don’t miss out on these awesome offers! To book a stay, Call 09075620497 or visit




Take staycations to a whole new level in our automated 2-bedroom luxury suites which come with a built-in cinema and a private chef.

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Double H

Double H

Take staycations to a whole new level in our automated 2-bedroom luxury suites which come with a built-in cinema and a private chef.

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