How to Make Your Weekends Feel Longer

Double H
2 min readSep 9, 2022

The weekend is here! Here’s hoping that over the next 48 hours you’ll catch up on good sleep, fill your weekend to-list with lots of fun activities, and come back next week feeling restored and refreshed.

In reality, the weekend always goes by in a flash and you feel even more exhausted than you did on Friday. I mean it’s just 2 days, couldn’t it be any longer?

Oh well! I can show you how to make your weekends feel longer, so what say you?? Ready??

Try something new!

Doing something different can be a great way to spice up a weekend and make it feel more satisfying. When you try something new, your brain pays more attention to the details. This makes your memory of the event feel longer and more vivid than your memories of doing something routine.

A weekend packed with new experiences will feel longer in hindsight than a weekend spent lounging in front of the TV or doing the same things. Imagine having a video game tournament with friends, Karaoke with friends, going to a football watch party, or even Test Driving a Tesla!!

Get a Tesla

Prioritize your Friday nights!

TGIF! It can be easy to overlook Friday night as an important part of the weekend. You may feel too exhausted to do much on Friday after a long week of work. However, even planning simple, low-key events can make your Friday evenings feel more enjoyable and your weekends seem longer.

Set aside time on a Friday evening for something enjoyable that does not require much energy, like a family movie night, a games night with friends, or a self-pampering evening in the bath.

Game Night

Prepare for weekend activities in advance.

Create a schedule for your weekend. Decide exactly what you’re doing, and come up with a simple schedule. Once you’ve decided, make the appropriate arrangements and gather whatever supplies you need. For example, if you’re planning on a weekend getaway, make sure you know where you’re going and how early you need to set out to spend enough time there.



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