Someone Special Will Find You

Hello lovers,

I had some friends over at the Double H apartments during the weekend and we decided to watch a movie together in the private cinema. We wanted a romance movie that’ll keep us awake all night, so we voted for “The Notebook”.

I particularly love this movie. It’s the kind of love story that keeps you wondering if that kind of love really exists. Are certain people meant to be together no matter what?

Do we really hold a special place in someone’s heart, that no matter where the wind takes us, we’re always and forever in their hearts?

I thought about these in my head while staring up, then I noticed that the private cinema was lit up like star lights and the atmosphere was so chilled and cozy that it made me feel like I was in a romantic scene of the movie.

When that special someone does find me, I’ll be spending most of our special moments here at the Double H.

What’s a love movie that has captivated you so much you could watch a thousand times over?

Cheers to finding love.

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