The Double H — Changing the Way you Stay

Double H
2 min readAug 21, 2021
Changing the way you stay —

For a while, the world has looked different. Going out has changed, getting together has taken a turn, and globe-trotting has declined. We’ve had to push travel plans aside and spend more time in one place. But for the adventurers, there will always be thoughts of getting away from time to time and disconnecting from the busy schedules.

If you are dreaming of a getaway, whether it’s a solo trip into the city, a much-needed boys’ night out or party with the girls, or a romantic vacation, it’s only right that you do it well. That means spotless and spacious spaces, automated rooms, beautiful views, private cinemas, world-class chefs, spa treats, makeovers, chauffeur, and concierge services. All of which are available at The Double H automated luxury short stay homes.

Looking for a luxury stay? —

What The Double H has done is give travellers the option of having a place that is serene and rich in style, facilities, and services all to themselves. The 2-bedroom luxury short let homes are the best ones in Lagos and London. They are situated in upper-class areas with a magnificent view of the city. And guests enjoy the luxury of being pampered by world-class staff and premium services.

The luxury homes can also be rented out for private parties, movie premieres, and business meetings and, with the help of the concierge, set up to suit the event.

This is luxury —

The Double H is for those seeking exclusivity when they are away from home. It promises ultimate comfort and relaxation and offers top-of-the-line service and 5-star amenities for the most discerning clientele.

To learn more about The Double H or make a reservation visit or call 09075620497.



Double H

Take staycations to a whole new level in our automated 2-bedroom luxury suites which come with a built-in cinema and a private chef.