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3 min readOct 12, 2022

Three Ways to Bring Productivity and Inspiration Into Your Workday

Double H, London

Remote work is a growing trend that increased drastically since COVID-19 pandemic, which forced even the most skeptical of employers to at least temporarily allow it.

While there have been many benefits to this new way of life, there have also been a few gripes — from unstable Wi-Fi signals to uncomfortable workstations and the need for a distraction-free hour or two for an important meeting or to spark inspiration.

Our short-let apartments are equipped with comfortable rooms and workspaces for corporates and individuals seeking to switch up their work-from-home routine in order to increase efficiency.

Best Room to Inspire Your Workday Creativity | Double H


In need of a creativity boost? Enjoy a comfortable, quiet workspace in our apartment, with a complimentary coffee or tea to fuel your day. For the ultimate mix of business and pleasure, you can enjoy some game time in between work with PS5, a pool bar, and inbuilt cinema. Our rooms are perfectly suited for guests searching for a creative workspace.

Best New Backdrop For Your Conference Calls| Eko Atlantic View

Upgrade your video conferencing backdrop with the Eko Atlantic apartment, where you can have a picturesque view of the Atlantic Ocean through the balcony.

Beachfront View

After a day of work, kick-off happy hour from our inbuilt cinema, then, take a walk to Eko Atlantic beachfront. You can also enjoy on-site amenities, including a swimming pool, restaurant, and free access to the gym.

Best Location for Work and Recharge

After a long workday between meetings, take a relaxing break and recharge with a soothing bath, video games, or by enjoying a relaxing massage from our partners at Oriki Group.

At Double H, all our apartments offer the above benefits, and we are sure to make your work trip more enjoyable. Our apartments are finished to the highest standard with automated amenities.

If you’re in Lagos or London and need an automated serviced apartment in the city where you can spend time while on a work trip, get in touch with us and book your stay!

To learn more about The Double H or make a reservation, visit or call 08027623820.

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