Why a Short-let Apartment is an Ideal Choice for Your Next Business Trip to Lagos

Many people travel often as part of their job. This Can involve staying away from home for a few days or more, depending on the activity.

Traveling for work is sometimes a bitter-sweet experience for many. On one hand, you’re excited about the trip at least you’d get to see new places and meet new people. On the other hand, you’re dealing with the stress of travel, going to meetings, temporary accommodation, and being away from your loved ones.

But it doesn’t always have to be this way. With the right accommodation in place, you will have an effective base to work from, hold your meetings, and also have fun.

Aside from booking a hotel, what other choices are available when on a work trip? A luxury short-stay apartment is the best. These are serviced apartments that provide unique benefits that many hotels do not offer.

If you are still wondering why you should book a luxury short-stay apartment for your next business trip to Lagos, the reasons below should help.

Remote work amenities:

Whether your business trip is meant to last a night or a week, the level of comfort you have will significantly impact your productivity. So, you need to book a short-stay home with modern conveniences that are essential in enhancing the quality of your stay. This includes a study space, fast internet connection, and more.

Extra space:

One luxury you will surely enjoy with short-stay apartments is more space. Compared to even the most generously sized hotel rooms, luxury apartments like this will have more space to relax in. So, if you plan to exercise after work, you will have extra room to do so properly. More space is also great if you have work colleagues over for a few drinks at the end of the day or to brainstorm new ideas.

Home away from home feel:

Staying in a luxury short-stay apartment will give you a more homely feel while away from home.

This is especially true if you are used to being around family, eating homemade meals, and are used to that sort of feeling in your normal life. With modern home-style fittings and furnishings, you will always have somewhere welcoming to come back to when away for business.

At Double H, all our apartments offer the above benefits, and we are sure to make your work trip more enjoyable. Our apartments are finished to the highest standard with automated amenities and have all the fittings and furnishings that exceed your expectations. Our apartments are located in the upper areas of Lagos and also in London. Rest assured that you can easily get to your meeting, and also enjoy the beautiful views of the city when you’re not working.

If you’re in Lagos or London and looking for an automated serviced apartment in the city where you can spend time while on a work trip, get in touch today and book your stay!

To learn more about The Double H or make a reservation, visit www.thedoubleh.co or call 09075620497.




Take staycations to a whole new level in our automated 2-bedroom luxury suites which come with a built-in cinema and a private chef.

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Double H

Double H

Take staycations to a whole new level in our automated 2-bedroom luxury suites which come with a built-in cinema and a private chef.

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