You Just Got Back?

Are you in town for the holidays? Welcome home.

Let’s tell you a little secret.


[Whispers] We’ve missed you. And we want to give you a holiday treat.

Come spend a few nights with us at any of the Double H apartments this holiday season at 10% off. Double H is the home of comfort and luxury, the first name in luxury short-stay accommodation.

Our apartments are a home away from home with a little extra. There are Olympic-size swimming pools, spa, and in-house chef services available to guests all through their stay. And if you’re all about the view, our Eko Atlantic homes give you a good view of the Atlantic Ocean and the best views of the island.

If you love the indoor life and would rather snuggle while you watch an action flick, then we’ve got you covered as all our apartments have private cinemas that can host as many as 10 people — so you can bring in the crew. The apartments are also family-friendly, so no one has to be left out.

Don’t fret this Christmas. We’ve got everything covered down to your mobility needs. So if you have to move around, let our chauffeurs give you a ride.

Reserve your luxury stay now at 10% off. Visit, or call 09075620497, or send a DM on Instagram to book.

We can’t wait to see you!



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