Your Guide to Throwing an Epic House Party in Lagos

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3 min readFeb 23, 2022

It’s that time of the year again. The time to plan your birthday, anniversary, engagement, a house party with the gang, or even office events, and of course, you want all the sophisticated fun, but want nothing to do with the crowd or strangers. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

House parties never go out of fashion! From preparing the guests list, decorating the apartment, all the way to ensuring that nothing gets broken, we’re going to take you on a sweet ride of how to plan the best house party in a private short let apartment!

No matter how big or small the party is going to be, the first thing on the list should be securing the perfect short-let apartment with smart and fun amenities like built-in smart sound systems and private cinemas that give you and your friends the luxury to enjoy life to the fullest with zero stress!

Be sure to inform the property managers beforehand. It’s important to be mindful of everyone around by keeping the noise under control.

To ensure your house party is as private as you want it, you have to be picky with your guest list. Group your friends and intermix them. Make sure the ‘life of the party’ kinds of friends tops the invite list. Also, if you live in Lagos, you already know that no matter how tight you plan on keeping the guest list there seems to be an unwritten rule that with every invitation sent out — you should always expect a plus one or more.

You can relate, right? So don’t be caught off guard, have a backup plan.

Next, make plans for music. There’s no party without a cool and trendy playlist to keep the energy and vibes of the party upbeat. If the music is whack, your party will probably be whack. And that’s why you need to host your party in any of Double H’s automated short let apartments because with our curated playlists and our voice-activated system, you can request songs from the built-in speakers for premium enjoyment!

Where are the foodies at? Don’t worry we didn’t forget that. For the best house party experience, the food and drink served matter. Consider opting for an open buffet instead of a dinner table. You can ask your guests to bring dishes that can be easily served and eaten. Some people can also come along with drinks. This way, you and your guests wouldn’t run out of what to nibble on.

Now, you have everything ready for your epic house party, remember where you host it matters! Check out Double H exclusive short stay apartments in Lagos. It’s the perfect location for your private soirees.

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